Favorite new favorite: hookah


The Chinese painting "The Old Man Who Breeds the Smoke" portrays the old people who smoked the smoke in the countryside after liberation. Nowadays, the popular dry smoke has become a favorite of people collecting smokers and pipes. Among them, the shisha that has been shining in recent years has won the favor of many collectors. This special "smoking tool" originated in India and promoted in the Middle East, with its unique and beautiful color, won the favorite of collectors.
Hookahs, such as tobacco bowls, tobacco pipes, cigarette bottles, cigarette trays, and ventilating holes, are usually about half a meter high and are long strips. In terms of use, the hookah is different from other tobacco products, but uses the waste heat after the coal is burned to raise the smoke. When the reporter watched the waiter demonstrating the hookah in Beijing Sanlitun Bar, he saw that the burning charcoal fire was put on the tobacco to help the tobacco burn. The smoke emitted by the tobacco burning was filtered by water and sucked through the straw.
In Houhai and Sanlitun in Beijing, you can see the hookah device in any bar. Many consumers who do not smoke will also try it out with curiosity. The hookahs sold in many stores are more art than the simple hookahs that are used for “habitat”.
In the Aegean Sea Shopping Mall in Chaoyang District, the Turkish Tourism Bureau has brought a strong artistic sense of shisha to Chinese consumers in its specially designed shisha exhibition area. The shisha with its Middle Eastern characteristics is definitely the best choice for collectors. Or bright violet, or passionate flamenco red, made of clay or marble, through the craftsman's careful creation, make a well-balanced tobacco bowl, and then outline the exotic in the formed tobacco bowl. The pattern, the smoke bowl seems to become the lamp of Aladdin in "One Thousand and One Nights". In addition to bright colors such as violets, bright red, and sky blue, the craftsmen have also done a lot of work on the pipe. Usually a transparent or black pipe, made into a powder or yellow color, a clear sky blue smoke bowl with a delicate light pink pipe, the unique visual impact is believed to be fascinated by many consumers. The colorful shishas are arranged in an orderly manner, red for a while, yellow for a while, and the purple color for a while can not help but sigh the ingenuity of the craftsmen and the infinite tolerance of nature. If you are willing to try such a beautiful hookah device, the "Try Zone" set next to it must not be missed. However, the high price still makes many people discouraged.
If you think that the hookah device in the store is higher than your shopping and collection budget, then the various hookahs available on the Internet can meet your needs. In Taobao, Amazon and other large shopping sites, there are more than 10,000 items of shisha related products. Compared to the gorgeous and artistic shisha of the store, the online shisha device is smaller and more refined. Some hookahs can be held with one hand and are extremely convenient to carry. The color mix is ​​also a highlight of the online sale of shisha, zebra, leopard, stars and stripes, psychedelic smoke-like textures make the hookah look closer to the average consumer.
Of course, some mavericks of hookahs have attracted the attention of many people. The shape of the machine gun and the silvery metal texture of the hookah have won the praise of the buyers. The words "cool", "tidal" and "personality" are the center of consumers' evaluation. There is also a black and white contrast pattern designed for female collectors, with a tropical flavor such as mango, pineapple and strawberry, which is sweet and colorful.
Although many businesses have promoted the use of shisha as a healthy pastime, the World Health Organization still believes that “sucking shisha is harmful to health”. Therefore, in the low-carbon, healthy now, it is a good change to turn the habit of smoking into a hobby of collecting and collecting cigarettes.