How to identify the price of hookahs


Hookah hookah, also known as hookah, hookah pipe. Water absorbing tobacco is a traditional Chinese way of smoking. The elegance of smoking is not only the material, but also the identity and status of the user. Before and after the founding of New China, the hookah basically withdrew from the smoking stage.
Nowadays, the hookahs that lasted for about 200 years have already entered the collector's field of vision. Usually, the well-made and finely carved hookahs have climbed from 2,000 to 3,000 yuan in the Tibetan city several years ago. Individual treasures can even reach several million yuan.
The identification of the hookah can refer to the following points:
1: The hookah is made of white copper (the alloy of silver and copper) on the production material. It is more high-grade with ivory, painted enamel (a kind of Western craft), and the wrong gold is wrong.
2: The structure of the hookah is much more peculiar and more complicated than other smoking articles. In addition to shaped pots, most hookahs consist of copper tubes, straws, water buckets, smoke bins, hand rests, needles, tweezers, small brushes and related parts.
3: The hookah is relatively regular and regular on the model, and the smooth connection of straight lines and curves is pursued. The main functional and practicality of the production theme, in the smoking family, the hookah is the only water-centric and most distinctive smoking device. The taste and mood of the "square pool is small, sturdy" sound is a kind of leisure life enjoyment. Its interpretation of the city culture and its downward movement of social consumption groups and living habits, aesthetic tastes echoes. Hookahs have become an example of the simplicity of smoking in the history of smoking.
In 2006, Hong Kong Baoyi International Auction Co., Ltd. auctioned a water-smoke bag made 45 centimeters long and made in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. It sold at a price of several hundred thousand yuan, setting a new high transaction price for Chinese smoking.
Talking about how to do a good job in the collection of hookahs, Shanghai Baoyi experts told us that collectors should be knowledgeable, bold and calm. "No one can deny the investment function of the collection, but the collection is not completely equivalent to doing business. It also has an appreciation function. Therefore, people who collect the collection should have a wide range of knowledge, know how to know the goods, and identify the authentic products and counterfeits." The collectors must have a clear mind and a steady state of mind. If the mind is hot and the mentality is not good, and you think about making a fortune all day long, then you will be in trouble, and the danger will be accompanied. To be down-to-earth, persevere In the hookah collection, there will be gains."